воскресенье, 14 июня 2009 г.

Greek vacations, shopping and inspiration

I'm just back from Greece. I spent wonderful 2 weeks there with my husband. Super sun, emerald blue water and very open-hearted Greeks.

Before Greece I went in Tsum for finding something really good for myself. I try Rick Owens, Alexander Wang clothes. I'm in love with black dress (left picture). It made from mesh material and in some place it mesh in some not, but it look weird from back side because of rude zipper.

My addiction is Chanel Iman's outfit from Balenciaga resort collection. I want her shoes!!!!
Other looks are also good.

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Fashion Victim комментирует...

Loved the holiday pics.
looks like you had lots of fun with your husband
btw that wang dress doesn't look that bad! i kind of liked it. though i havent seen it closer.
thanks for your comment

Mariona комментирует...

You looks great in those pics !!! Cool looks and beautiful you sweetie, elegant and chic !!!!

Rachel комментирует...

Really great photos. I so have to go to greece some day.

Hanh комментирует...

Greece! How wonderful!
Pretty photos!
Thank you for stoping by my site.


Frou Flu комментирует...

been wanting a greek vacation:( lovely photos:)

chauss комментирует...

you look outrageously GREAT in these pix!!!!!!!especially bikini shot. :)

Mariona комментирует...

Thanks a lot darling and thanks for the comment kisses and see you soon a muaaa

Brigadeiro комментирует...

Ooh! So jealous! Would love to go to Greece, gorgeous pics! :)

sexy legs and body комментирует...

Holiday pics are great, looks like you had lots of fun. Must have been nice to see so much sun?!
Ps, I always take a peek at your blog but have never as far as I can remember commented on it. :-)

Ash Fox комментирует...

looks like you had so much fun in the dressing room!


kiss me quick комментирует...

omg greece is gorgeous!! ^^

Marian комментирует...

loving your vacation shots, you dresses are pretty. Love that collection.

livininoilcountry комментирует...

Greece! I'm so jealous

I really like your asymmetrical white top up there..

WendyB комментирует...

Looks heavenly!

mice комментирует...

Gorgeous photos!
I love Greece, its so fascinating place.. ^^