воскресенье, 24 мая 2009 г.

lingerie and etc.

I'm in love with Kiki de Montparnasse. Amazing little things for special days. My favorite is degrade ruffle bra. I need it!

Also I'm in love with this issue from Vogue Paris, love this aesthetics

And I like this bra from Vogue Russia cover, it is Natalya Vodianova for Etam collection. Love lace and guipure so much!


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Anna Vedeneeva комментирует...

anja in french vogue is amaziiing!!
and i LOVE french vogue!!!!)))))))))))
it is the best vogue ever!perfect!

Sydnie комментирует...

Oh, that picture is fabulous! Everyone loves good lingerie!


Eri комментирует...

Nice selection of undies!

chauss комментирует...

wow, i have never seen russian vogue in real life!
our french vogue gets here 3-4 months late!!! which makes no sense since british vogue june 09 is already here...
i love the bra on natalya!
maybe send me a copy of russian vogue when you are done reading it?
xx chauss

Marina комментирует...

Dear Chauss!You can live your adress and I will send you some Vogue magazines. I buy it every month, it is the best fashion magazine in Russia

Carole комментирует...

Oh, that necklace on Natalia! Who is that by? It's gorgeous.

I have a thing for pretty lingerie too :)

chauss комментирует...

yay! can u email me your email so i will leave my address to you privately at your email?. my email is on top right corner of my blog/
xx c.

ModelWhispers комментирует...

Kiki is so much better than Agent Provocateur.
Its kind of less extravagant and provocative and more sexy in a subtle classy way.
Too bad its more expensive than AP :(

BB&HH комментирует...


I soooo would like to know how do u find it !

thx lovely kitty .


Mademoiselle Frou-Frou комментирует...

ooh, if you love lingerie, you will enjoy Faire Frou Frou! check out my blog: