пятница, 30 мая 2008 г.


Pink top with leather stars and sunglasses (new!!!!) Patrizia Pepe, black trousers Isabel Marant, black sandals Marni, bolero Mango, earrings with stars Lollipops and tote from unknown brand (I bought it in small shop in Barcelona).
Today I fly to Sicily for a small vacations. See you soon!

четверг, 29 мая 2008 г.

Russian it-girls

This is most popular girl in Russia. From left to right: Polina Deripaska, daughter of very rich bisnesman, Shahri Amirhanova, in past she was editor of Harper's Bazaar, you can see her fotos on pages of The Sartorialist and Dash Jukova, daughter of rich parents, designer of brand Kova&T(if you know it) and girlfriend of Roman Abramovich.
I wanna know your opinion: do you like this girls?

среда, 28 мая 2008 г.

Summer is coming

Red patent shoes Miu Miu, white pencil skirt Patrizia Pepe, white top Iceberg, red bag Andre.
When i bought this top I couldn't deside what color I want. I prefered white because it looks like a summer thing. In Russia we love so much summer because almost all year we don't see sun, only snow, rain and very very cold weather, even in May. That's why I bought white.
What you think about my choice?

вторник, 27 мая 2008 г.

Chloe prefall collection

I love its boho style. A little bit of fur, knitted tops and dresses, prints, bright details. The best for me prefall collection. I want everything!!!!
P.S. Look at first pic: do you remember my black Patrizia Pepe coat with feathers?:-D

четверг, 22 мая 2008 г.

Olsen's inspiration

Frankly speaking, I don't like MK & A Olsen style. Sometimes it is good, but sometimes awful. But I love combination of man's jacket, white Tee and simple black skirt or trousers or shorts.
Grey jacket vintage, black shorts Mango, white Tee Zara, black oversized clutch Fun&Basics, necklace Pinko, black suede boots Twice (so cool but cost too much)


Love this look. Velvet skirt in such a vivid color, Dior Homme jacket, Alaia's gladiator sandals and antic Rome belt....I love it!My favotite Olsen's outfit!

вторник, 13 мая 2008 г.

Snakeskin shoes small collection

From left to right: Left Right shoes, Le silla blue suede with ss sandals, platfoms Casadei.

Love snakeskin. Always in style, looks good with any color.

понедельник, 12 мая 2008 г.

Gwyneth Paltrow

I love modern Gwyneth style. We remember her love to minimalistic clothes, awful pink Oscar dress, but now she looks amazing. She changed her stylist and look like a style icon. I love all her last fotos.
P.S. She also wearing abs fabulous shoes. This one of my favorite!!!

пятница, 9 мая 2008 г.

Today's outfit

Black cardi with metallic rose Moschino, tulip skirt Tara Jarmon, booties Braude,
logo-embossed leather baguette Fendi, sunglasses Chanel.
Today my look was too classic. And black

Patrizia Pepe

from asos.com

On of my favorite designers!!!I love almost all clothes from her. Patrizia Bambi creats very cute clothes. This collection is a mix of 70's and sporty style. I love it so much!!!

четверг, 8 мая 2008 г.

Today's outfit

Bad fotos. Sorry. Today I went to the opera.

Black jacket Max&co, white T Zara, silver grey silk skirt Moschino jeans, bag Tous, ponyhair shoes one of the best italian shoes designer Luciano Padovan.
And the main part of my outfit-jewels. this earrings and ring from armenian artist and designer Arman. His works unique, he never made the same things.

среда, 7 мая 2008 г.

the annual Costume Institute gala

Lots of dresses, of nice people. this is my list of best dresses

суббота, 3 мая 2008 г.

The pants-part 2

I found this pants in mom's wardrobe. It is big for me, but I like it. My outfit is inspired by Isabel Marant s-s 08 collection. I love Isabel Marant. She use elements of ethnic costumes, prints. Her collections are always experienced by oriental influence.
Isabel Marant boutique are placed in Paris near Bastilia square. In this district is a very special atmosphere. I like it! All shops near it sell very interesting clothes.
For example, I love Anne Willi-simple but cute clothes.

Vintage Diesel trousers, 80's short leather jacket, Mango Tee , Marni sandals, 70's sunglasses.
Another pics: black silk jacket by Diesel and Arafat's scarf from Egypt.

Vardoui Nazaryan

Russian April Vogue wrote about her. she is a young designer from armenia. When I saw her dresses I felt in love. Armenian details such as amazing architectural elements, crosses, don't make her clothes look like ethnic. No. This clothes are wearable and every european girl can wear it. Applause, Vardoui!!!!


(The Sartorialist, JAK&JIL)

I like such a relax style. This pants are made for life. Especially it looks fabulous with high heels and platform sandals. It could be good pair for tuxedo with silk scarf or for simple white Tee.
I hope, today I buy such trousers. I need it!