понедельник, 20 июля 2009 г.

Just summer outfit

Wearing Miss Sixty jumpsuit, Chloe wedges, Marni tote, ethnic bracelet and coarl earrings

Love this sandals!So comfy!
Visiting exhibition of Antony Gormley Domain Field project. So fascinating!


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WendyB комментирует...

Totally chic. Adore the shoes! Wedges are my favorites.

Kat комментирует...

Nice blog! And the jumpsuit looks good on you!

Hanh, Life-in-Travel комментирует...

Love love your jumpsuit!!!maybe a atudded belt for different look. Love your sandals as well.

Thank you so much for kind comment. you shoudl enter for Giving Away Gift coming next post.

Have a happy day!


chauss комментирует...

adorable shoes!!!!!!!!! you look great. :)

Libby комментирует...

My god, i love those wedges and your jumpsuit is adorable!

sexy legs and body комментирует...

Hi Marina,
Thanks for the comment on my site, really appreciate your input.
I have been following your blog for a months, and had it on my blog list for quite a while. I was wondering if you would consider adding my site to your blog list? If not, no harm done and no hard feelings, I will keep your on my list.

Mariona комментирует...

THESE SUNGLASSES are crazy and the shoes are amazing I loved it, perfect with the jumpsuit !!! Many many thanks for the comment, a muaa

The Haute-Shopper комментирует...

Love the whole look! The jumpsuit looks great with those wedges and that bright red bag. That exhibition looks quite fascinating as well... would have loved to go there. Used to go to Moscow for work, but unfortunately I rarely had time to do a lot of sightseeing, so I must go back at some point.

Marian комментирует...

you look efforlessly chic dear. I lovethe jumpsuit. the red bag gives the outfit a yummy pop of colour.

The Queen of Hearts комментирует...

I totally hate you. I've been looking for those Chloe Wedges since the devil was a baby and no luck in my size : ( they do look FAB on you though : ) Thanks for sharing!

The Divinitus комментирует...

Very stylish and the coloring is toned down - perfect.
The exhibit looks very interesting, good to experience.

Betsy комментирует...

thanks for the inspiration!

chauss комментирует...

love the marni balloon bag!
marina, no russian vogues here yet, but i am sure they will get here eventually. i will absolutely keep you posted.
as for alexander wang coco bag, i thought it was heavy for one or 2 days, but got used to it very fast.
i can also put it on my shoulder, it is short shoulder bag, but super cute that way too. it really holds a lot and great leather.

Nita-Karoliina комментирует...

you look so good!
what have you been doing this summer?:)

Lilee комментирует...

wow i love your whole outfit! i especially like the bag!

Betsy комментирует...

Great post.. love it!

DAKOTA RICO комментирует...

Fantastiiiiic blog!!! I LOVE Russian.

Domennie комментирует...

fabulous outfit!

chauss комментирует...

hey m.
where have you been???
still no russian vogues :(
maybe they got confiscated by some official who wanted his wife to learn about style...

Eri комментирует...

I love this look... always looking so stylish.
I have been missing new posts, come back soon!

Zhcsyra hp комментирует...

really chic look <33 :00

bissous xoxox,.

petrenkov комментирует...

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