воскресенье, 14 декабря 2008 г.

One of my favorite photo-driving car. Wearing Zara leather jacket and Patrizia Pepe sunglasses

I really love such jeans. I need to do something like this. Looks like 90's!

I felt in love with this Sienna Miller's Louis Vuitton dress. she looks awesome here!

I understand that peep-toe booties not useful at all. But I love it!I likwe wonderful combination of lace leggings and givenchy booties. Great!

jak&jil.com, spletnik.ru and TFS.com

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stilettostetico комментирует...

AND You frankly exude a powerful Serenity on the first picture . . . Eeeeeuuuhhhh while pushing on the pedal with "fetish peep-toe booties" ? Mmmmh Mmmmh Mystery . . .

à Bientôt, Antoine

Nita-Karoliina комментирует...

i love those shredded jeans and i really want open toe ankle boots..
i have award for you in my blog!

Andy комментирует...

I really like the vuitton dress! sienna miller looks gorgeous here, as usual .
and these jeans are rocking!
new post on my blog
check it out!


deep_in_vogue комментирует...

for some reason i only like the right pair of jeans, maybe she just pulls it off way better. huck yourself up girl!

Jenny H. комментирует...

sienna miller does look amazing.
love it.

THE HOUSE OF STYLE комментирует...

you look awesome in the photo honey! the shades look good on you.
the lace and peep toe booties is yummy!
muah x

Mariëlle комментирует...

Great pics! I love peep-toe booties so much.. I own two pair myself and believe it or not, they are so comfortable!

And those jeans are great! Must find myself something similar as well!

Patricia Villablanca комментирует...

Oh i love this post, I saved some of those from TFS on my computer, they are just too inspiring...

I totally agree about the booties, they are heaven and I believe can never become out-dated.