вторник, 16 декабря 2008 г.

Award and little riddle-what comes in pink bag?

My dear friend Nita-Karoliina give this award for me!Thank you so much!
I want to give this award to:
-This world tonight because she is so soo sweet girl and I love her shopping experience!
- Too sexy for my shirt - she is so nice and I love how she combinating clothes!
- the Divinitus - she has sense of style and I just love her blog!
- The cookie jar - one of my first blog friend. I adore her style, her imagination!
- Laurel because she is so beautiful and always find best way to wear basics!
- Boudoir - she is very talented designer and one of my russian blogger friends!
- Formarine - my another russian friend!beautiful girl with amazing taste in classics!
And my loveliest blogger - dear Chauss!She is goddess!!!!I love everything on her blog and about her!She is so positive and she has best shoes collection!
See all information about award here!
the riddle- What is inside my bag?

10 комментариев:

This World Tonight комментирует...

Thank you sooo much dear ;)
Merry christmas!

Mariëlle комментирует...

Omg thank you so much! That is so sweet!! <33

Am I supposed to award someone else now as well?

Anna Vedeneeva комментирует...

thank you very much))))
you inspire me to make award too)))
and i mark toosexy-formyshirt blog for me))))

The Divinitus комментирует...

Thanks :) xoxo!

So... what's inside the bag???

chauss комментирует...

thank you my love! i see 2 pink bags!!! xx chauss

Nita-Karoliina комментирует...

agree, miss chauss is AMAZING!!!
tell me tell me whats in those bags??dress??shoes??

Miss Urbanita комментирует...

Congrats for your award.
What´s inside the bag!!? Tell us!!! Kisses ;)


Fashion Pariah комментирует...

Ooh, whats in the bag? And that pic of you in the sunglasses is gorgeous and I love ripped jeans too!!!


M* комментирует...

Thank you! You're so sweet!
I want to know what is inside the bag!

this wheel's on fire комментирует...

Congrats on your award!! Love your blog :)