среда, 15 октября 2008 г.

Never accept sweets from strangers!

Dear Divinitus gave me this award...Thank you!

Not a fan of Dolce&Gabbana because in Russia all jet set women few years ago dressed only in DG, but this duet are so talented, so creative that I can't say only good words about them.
My outfit: assymetric plaid skirt Max&co, boots YIN, bag Mandarina Duck, scarf D&G, cape Accesorize and one of my fav winter piece of clothes - Moschino sweater with plastic sweets and small legend "Never accept sweets from strangers"!I love Moschino!I love clothes with humour!

The 7 bloggers I will give this award to are:
this world tonight
fashion is poison
Karla's closet

9 комментариев:

Anna Vedeneeva комментирует...

Merci merci beaucoup dear Marina!!!!
I love your blog toooo!!!!!!i love your interesting comments!and im proud that so gorgeous and stunning girl is Russian))))!!!!!!*

❖Marina❖ комментирует...

И я очень люблю твой блог!
Смотреть на твои фото - одно удовольствие, выглядишь всегда замечательно!)))

Nita-Karoliina комментирует...

oh, thanks honey for the award!

thesearchforchic комментирует...

LOL 'never accept sweets from strangers', you are so beautiful dear.

♥ fashion chalet комментирует...

You look beautiful. Red must be your color, sweetie. And you should really wear hats more often, because you look super in them!! :)

PS: Thank you, your kind comments always have a way of making me SMILE!

xo/ fashion chalet

Fashion Is Poison комментирует...

thank you for the award sweetie :]

This World Tonight комментирует...

Thank for the sweet award ;)

Andy комментирует...

Oh, i love the title of your post ;))
new on my blog, check it out.

runway today комментирует...

you look so cute in this outfit!