четверг, 11 сентября 2008 г.

Bar's inspiration

Veru very cold. iI even think that it is a winter. Brrr! I'm glad because I will go in France soon (15 september)!!!!!I'm so happy!
Maxi dress - Kookai (bought it couple years ago)
Sleeveless turtleneck - Sisley
Leather jacket - vintage
Clutch - Fendi
Shoes - Le Silla
Necklace - Pinko
+ my fav huge ring

16 комментариев:

Marina комментирует...

Выглядишь потрясающе!))) Очень красивые бусы и Fendi!

Anna Vedeneeva комментирует...

i love this outfit))))its totally in me taste!!!!!

♥ fashion chalet комментирует...

Love the jacket and the clutch!
PS: Thank you for the comment on my dress, sweetie! (You should get the shoes, you will love them. I promise!)

ivoreece комментирует...

Amazing outfit!!!
А также мне очень нравится твой блог :)

MONI комментирует...

OMG...I love love ya style...adding you to my page...:)

chineric комментирует...

i like ur necklace!

atelier комментирует...

lovely clutch

chauss комментирует...

hi, can you post the choices for the dress you are considering wearing to the wedding so we can help you decide?
p.s. i love this black outfit on you. :)

ROHIT комментирует...

how was your day?
i liked your blog
you are fantastic!!!

really nice blog
fabulous fantastic
take care
see you

Marilynn комментирует...

Very cute! I'm a huge fan of the jacket and clutch. The jacket ESPECIALLY!

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thesearchforchic комментирует...

love the jacket..perfectly cropped. :)

lacouturier комментирует...

i loveee it! it reminds me of the olsens (its a good thing!) only with a touch of high fashion. sometimes they look grungy, but sometimes they look fab! and you my dear, look faaab! =)

love the clutch!

Laura M. комментирует...

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izzydore комментирует...

you rock the leather jacket and long skirt!! that ring is quite interesting too...

chauss комментирует...

m, i just want to tell you how sweet you are. you are beautiful, inside and out.
today was a tough one for me, so your comments meant a lot to me. people ask me sometimes why i dont wear more colors. i have usually say, i let my personality speak for itself.:)
xx, chauss

Bella комментирует...

oh so pretty...