понедельник, 1 сентября 2008 г.

Bad weather....again

Yes, I 'm here!I can't write anything here because enovation in my appartaments. It was so hard time. But everything now is right.
My fav thngs right now:
- Amy Winehouse songs
- John Irving novel The World according to Garp
- Gerald Darel bag
- Fur vest
- Mini golf

Outfit: Guess skinnies, jacket Max&Co, black knitted scarf men's Patrizia Pepe(my husband), vintage lizard clutch, patent peep-toe shoes Luciano Padovan, and my new assymetric top with sequins by Malene Birger

13 комментариев:

Ediot комментирует...

great outfit! and you look like such a cute doll!
you have a great blog

Maria комментирует...

Aww thank you :)
You're style is pretty great too. Very sophisticated! Love it.
I'll add your link right away :)

Bella комментирует...

Fourth picture... love it.

Anna Vedeneeva комментирует...

топ супер!!!и заметила классные часики с браслетом))))))красотка)
уже замужем?)повезло мужу!*сколько тебе лет?)))))
выглядишь на 20!!!!

She's Dressing Up комментирует...

The sequins on the sleeves really make this tshirt so special!

chauss комментирует...

you look beautiful!!!

Wendy комментирует...

Its such a model outfit, and you look like a model too!

♥ fashion chalet комментирует...

I love your shirt, the jeans go perfectly and your shoes, love them too. I wish it would get colder here, but it is still so hot outside. I think until Decemeber it stays hot for us. :(

Marina комментирует...

Thank you all for all sweet comments!!!
To fashionchalet: I prefer in all year in summer then in rainy cold Moscow climate!
To Anna:Очень приятно слышать такие лестные слова от красавицы!Мне 25, но я очень хочу всегда выглядеть и чувствовать себя на 20!!!!!
P.S. Часики-подарок мужа, а браслет куплен много лет назад в Перу. Перуанцы делают оч красивые украшения из золота и серебра!

Nita-Karoliina комментирует...

i love ur website, i can practice same time my russian when i try to read aloud those which is in russian :) i am so bad at it still..
but you look smashing! we are gonna visit saint petersburgh about in weeks 43,44or 45 i donno yet, what kind of weather are there so i know how to dress?
i love your outfit!

stilettostetico комментирует...

So, the weather is bad BUT not for the Style !!! You are frankly full of "CHICissime" serenity . . .

A Bientôt, Antoine

Kat комментирует...

your top is wonderful, very pretty!

AdminVoilalaMode комментирует...

you look great ! i like the shirt and the shoes the most!xoxox