пятница, 13 июня 2008 г.


I've been tagged by the so nice JJ!

5 things found in my bag:
1. Furla fish pouch for coins
2. L'occitane shea butter lip balm and rose hydrating face mist
3. Lollipops green cardholder on front reads "One way ticket to paradise"
4. ipod blue
5. lots of keys:home, work and car with charms (from Hallmark to Fendi)

5 things found in my purse:
1. photo of my grandfather and grandmother
2. boutique and restaurants discount cards
3. lots of receipts
4. lots of pieces of papers with telephone numbers (I don't know whose are this numbers)
5. 2 dollar note

5 favourite things in my room:
1. pictures of my grandfather, he was famous architect and painter
2. my very old teddy bear
3. porcelain dolls
4. lots of different style and colour pillows
5. brazilian clock adorated with butterflies

5 things ive always wanted to do:
1. sex with my husband
2. visit exhibitions of modern art and fashion shows
3. travelling
4. go shopping with huge amount of money (100 million dollars!!!!;-P)
5. write about fashion for Vogue

5 things im currently into:
1. finding perfect shoes (maybe Dries van Noten, may be Marni)
2. fitness (I prefer body ballet and swimming)
3. make a plan for sales (what to buy)
4. buy a present for my best friend
5. reading John Irving (The world accopding to Garp)

my 5 impressions of my tagger, JJ:
1. she lives in my fav Italy
2. she has incredible sense of style
3. she is beautiful girl
4. she always find smth very interesting in fashion
5. i love how she wear pyjama with Pierre Hardy shoes!

I TAG....
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3. Very stylish Runwaytoday at http://runwaytoday.blogspot.com/
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4 комментария:

JJ комментирует...

aww you're so sweet!! I love your sense of style too :)
and I MUST do another pyjama ho post!!!

Ragamala комментирует...

I really like your blog! That clutch is divine.

saray комментирует...

I also into finding shoes now!

did that tag a while ago..

michelle комментирует...

thanks for the tag! i just put it up in my site. you are really sweet and i like your blog. :)