четверг, 12 июня 2008 г.


I love jeans since childhood. I love dyed jeans, dark blue and jeans with details. I love jeans jackets, skirts, dresses, bags. My fav jeans from Miss 60. Sometimes Diesel, but I prefer Miss 60. Yes, I know, everyone loves american jeans or japanese, but i prefer Miss 60. I love old and new jeans. I love to buy it or to find it. Recently I found my mom's Levi's from 70's. I cut it off and now this is one of my fav pair of shorts(I'll show you it soon)

Navy top and jeans clutch with brooches, both Kookai, jeans Miss 60 and beautiful blue shoes Sergio Rossi

5 комментариев:

chauss комментирует...

fabulous outfit!:)

Wendy комментирует...

Great clutch, such a nice texture.

Marika Eva комментирует...

Nice outfit,
I like jeans too, but I prefer Guess.

Taghrid комментирует...

your clutch is gorgeous!

Unwise Pedestrian комментирует...

Love the clutch!