вторник, 27 сентября 2011 г.

Current favorites- IPhone post

Mix of everything.favorite shoes, jewels and etc.
Miu Miu glitter peep toe booties!The best shoes of the season!

My favorite shoes.From left to right: Alaia sandals, Maison Martin Margiela peep toe booties,Marni boots, Miu Miu pumps, Ernesto Esposito leopard boots

Jade and emerald green is my number one color of this season. Jadeite golden ring created by my mom's esquisse, Tous bag, very old D&G watches

And last photos from Miu Miu boutique opened about month ago in Moscow. In love with all skirts, shoes, bags and everything. Still dreaming about Noir sunglasses in any color! And really can't wait for Miu Miu show in Paris.

3 комментария:

chauss комментирует...

super adorable pix!
gotta say the alaia wedges are fabulous!
still remember whn you found then via ebay, i think?
xo chauss

Marina комментирует...

Thank you dear Chauss1Yes, I found it on ebay and still love it very much!

the goorgeous комментирует...

great amount of shoes!
first ones are insane ♥
love that mini skirt also!