понедельник, 28 сентября 2009 г.

Summer diary and new outfits

I'm back!I stopped blogging because I was busy a lot. I hope I will regularly update my blog.
This pictures from wonderful summer with my family, my friends, cousins and etc.
This is Nicolo-Lenivets. This place is situated in Kaluga region. Absolutely unique national park Ugra with amazing views and nature. What a wonderful air!And we went there for festival of landscape architectors. French and russian designers participated in this project. Russian designer Nikolay Polissky was the first who started this festival few years ago. And now my friend and cousin's husband Mathieu show there his works.
More photos here

Botanical garden in Moscow. Great time with my husband, best friend Dasha and her boyfriend

Zvenigorod with beautiful churches

And others

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Anna Vedeneeva комментирует...

you and your outfits really amazing
looks so fresh and natural

Mariona комментирует...

wowww amazing pics, you looks lovely with the white dress I love it and the place is proud ... very very very nice , thanks for the comment see you a muaa

Анонимный комментирует...

very cute

the divinitus комментирует...

Lovely pictures.
And beautiful red Marni bag ;)

Pipiola комментирует...

love the pics!