воскресенье, 22 марта 2009 г.

Outfit and favorite shoes

wearing Chloe skirt, Marni sandals, Calzedonia tights, Lollipops suede clutch, necklace from Cuba, wood bracelet from Spain and Armenian vulcanic rings
Here is my favorite spring-summer shoes. My number one is Dries Van Noten sandals, but also I love whole Giuseppe Zanotti collection and his beauties for Balmain

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Eri комментирует...

Wow! Those Marni sandals are gorgeous... I really love all your shoes! The bag is gorgeous too. Overall Is a fab outfit.
See you soon.

Alice X комментирует...

those shoes are GORGEOUS.


modern antoinette комментирует...

I love love love this look. You are a very pretty lady!!

And that clutch...swwooonnn!!


ani комментирует...

arg marni shoes!
they are amazing:)

ani комментирует...

arg marni shoes!
they are amazing:)

Amie комментирует...

I love the outfit. And the necklace:)

Milly комментирует...

i love your accessories.

au revoir Camille. комментирует...

Love your outrfit ;b

A la British комментирует...

aarrggggghh!!!want them all!!!!
so so cute

The Queen of Hearts комментирует...

You have such taste! I always have a really good Russian friend for some reason in my life, no matter what, and I think it is because of your amazing sensibilities when it comes to fashion.


Maverick комментирует...

Fun outfit!! I love those red and black heels...those look badass. I like your blog :)
xx. mavi

Cup of Coffee. комментирует...

Gorgeous outfit!
I love this shoes!


chauss комментирует...

you look beautiful. :)
and the shoes....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
an american from ny bought the balmain jacket. the shop does have a lot of regular russian clients too.

Eden комментирует...

you definitely can't go wrong with Dries--and those marni sandals are just fantastic!



Fashion Victim комментирует...

Dear, I love your outfit!

Fashion Is Poison комментирует...

great outfit :)

i LOVE the pradas! the dries are SO dreamy!

au revoir Camille. комментирует...

Love your look ;b

Eri комментирует...

Hi Marina,
Thanks for your comment! I can't wait for your new post.
See you soon.

Frou Flu комментирует...

i love that you are using a colored clutch to go with an all black outfit:) and i love those pradas and zanottis too... they are such beauties aren't they?:)

vicen комментирует...

For you to be an authentic look 10 you dedicate this award 10.

Rianna Bethany комментирует...

love the colour of the clutch bag and how it stands out,
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxx

...love Maegan комментирует...

oooh, fabulous! I love the bright bag with it!

chauss комментирует...

hellllllllllllllllo, so gald you are back on the map! :)))))
xx oo chauss

au revoir Camille. комментирует...

Love the look :D