среда, 19 ноября 2008 г.

Shoes hitlist, favorite outfits and what I want to buy

This is now my favorite outfit. I think I really need such leather bandage skirt. Can't find perfect one(((
Felt in love with this snake leather trousers. I suppose its price is very very high but I love it especially with huge grey scarf. Bellissimo!

This is owner of one of the best Moscow boutiques Podium Polina Kitcenko. I love how she wear her Balmain vest with simple leggings, couple of T-shirts and turquise jewels. Great!
First in my list is YSL tribute pumps. Unfortunately I can't find my 37 size in Moscow and in online shops. I need to go to Paris because I know I will find it there(don't know when I will go in Paris((((
Second is Ungaro branch heels. I hope I will buy it on sale(I saw a lot of different pairs in different colours in Ungaro boutique)
Third is Marni heels. I think that Marni shoes are not the best in this season but I love her heels and I love it because it always very comfortable. I try waiting for sale to buy all this beautiful shoes!
What I want to buy:
-black leather mini skirt
-skinny jeans or denim leggings in dark colour
-sweater-dress for cold Moscow winter
-faux fur jacket Tiger of Sweden (I fall in love with this brand)
-perfect coctail dress for new year party (I think black dress)
Want to ask readers about sizing of this Givenchy High-heeled sandals.I always wear 37 or 36.5 italian sizing. Is this pair run true to size?

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This World Tonight комментирует...

I am with you on the YSL's, I am actually considering them myself. Just without the platform. I am in need of a 37 too :)

Fashion Is Poison комментирует...

oooo shoes. my cup of tea.

Nita-Karoliina комментирует...

oh yvs boots up there are wonderful!!!!! i so need to get rich :D

♥ fashion chalet комментирует...

I love that Lolita name, thanks :) and I really want those YSL's! <33333

S of Modern-Guilt комментирует...

Those snakeskin trousers are OMG AMAZING. Everything you listed in this post is actually. You've got great taste :)

glory комментирует...

omg grate choose, i`m totally agree whit your seclection, i just can aford it in my dreams, so hope you have it soon, can`t wait to see you in them.... kisses

WendyB комментирует...

Love the Ungaro shoes.

stilettostetico комментирует...

Sarah Rutson is astonishing, as always full of haughty casualness, AND I frankly think that the snakeskin trousers are a stylish way to awake the "fashion-reptile" who slumbers in any fashionista !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Amy (Shades-of-Black) комментирует...

LOVE those three looks you posted, and that Balmain vest is amazing!
My favourite pair of shoes? It has to be the YSL's!

Fashion Is Poison комментирует...

i LOVE those ungaros! givenchy usually runs 1/2-1 whole size small :)

Fashion Is Poison комментирует...

o i just clicked on the yoox link! those run a whole size small

TheMinx комментирует...

the last pair, the tan Marnis are perfect!! Great blog :)