вторник, 1 июля 2008 г.

Beauty post

I wanna write about my fav beauty products. I love natural cosmetics. My fav are L'Occitane, Korres, KenzoKi, Caudalie.
Sorry for bad photos .
First pic from left to right: Satin body oil with divine smell Clarins, it makes skin sooo smooth, shower gels CK Obsession night and cherry blossom l'Occitane(love both for its smell), hair Schwarzkopf professional hair mask BlondMe, Spray for hair shining Schwarzkopf professional and my fav body scrub Bodyshop Brazilian Nut. Everytime when I use it I wanna eat it)))))

from left to right: bath cubes green tea with Jasmin L'Occitane, shampoo, conditioner and shower gel by Korres (I fall in love with this products in spring, I love it because this greece cosmetics made only from natural components and really works, even shower gel refresh and moisturize my skin as cream), Biotherm face cleansing foam and Vichy extra gentle face scrub

from L to R: face refreshing spray rose L'Occitane, Korres body butter (I often use it after depilation because it make my skin look sooo silky smooth!), Clarins body cream, fantastic texture and effect, Caudalie body lotion( I use it after sun, it works soo good), Bali soap and Thai coconut butter, I use it for home SPA, sparkling body oil with rose smell l'Occitane, Kelly Caleche Hermes body Lotion, Verbena cooling hands cream L'Occitane

My fav perfumes: Chloe, Chanel COCO Mademoiselle hair mist, Stella in two peony, Stella by Stella Mccartney, Stella sheer, Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Figue-Iris(number one this summer), and Chanel Chance

For face: Caudalie cleanser for face and eyes, Bamboo tonic KenzoKi, reach cream Clarins, beauty flash balm (I use it under makeup), white day cream KenzoKi(my skin so tender and fresh after using it, the best face treatment I've ever try), Clinique continue moisturizer and clinique face mask.

5 favorites:
1. KenzoKi white day cream
2. Lancome mascara
3. Chanel face powder in tender peach
4. Caudalie face refreshing spray
5. Guerlain Les Meteorites

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Nita-Karoliina комментирует...

i love body shop butter creams! and clinique stuff. i have a sensitive skin so hats good for me, also favora, gosh etc..

Always In Style комментирует...

I adore Korres as well...I'm never disappointed with their products. I like L'Occitane too. Have you tried the new shower gel with lemon and honey?? It is really delicious!